How much is Pineau des Charentes?

Pineau des Charentes, (Pineau Charentais, or basically Pineau) is a local French aperitif, made in the départements of Charente, Charente-Maritime and, to a substantially lesser degree, Dordogne in western France. While famous inside the locale of creation, it is less notable in different areas of France and to some degree extraordinary abroad. It makes for an amazing wine gift sets.

Pineau is additionally found as a home-made item in the neighboring Deux-Sèvres and Vendée départements. There is additionally a comparative drink called "Troussepinette" that is made in the Vendée, which is regularly enhanced with pine or organic products, for example, pear.

Somewhere else in France undifferentiated from drinks are made (Macvin in Jura, Floc de Gascogne in the Armagnac region; there is additionally Pommeau, likewise made by mixing squeezed apple and apple cognac), yet these items are significantly less notable broadly and globally than Pineau.

As indicated by legend, amid the gather of 1589,[citation needed] a winemaker inadvertently included grape must into a barrel that he accepted was unfilled however in actuality contained eau de strive. The blend was properly come back to the basements for maturation.

A couple of years after the fact, the barrel was recovered and was found to contain the drink that is currently connected with the locale of Charente. In 1921, a winemaker from Burie (Charente-Maritime), Emile Daud, popularized the drink.
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